Debby Carman is an Imagineer. She is a Laguna Beach, California artist, author, cartoonist and fabulist who dreamily draws, paints, sculpts, whimsical cats, dogs and other creatures of the animal kingdom. She chronicles random notions, furry motions and life’s nutty nuances depicting fun and farce, frolic and foible in her distinctively recognizable style and expressively vibrant color palette.

Debby is noted for the MOST BEAUTIFUL hand crafted fine porcelain ceramic dog and cat bowls and treat jars on the planet; one of the few people in the world creating custom and uniquely distinctive pet bowls and collectibles for her clients furry four-leggers. Debby is recognized by numerous elite breed dog club throughout the country as their national specialty artist.

Exquisite, one-of-a-kind vases, table top collections, home decor accessories both functional and completely impractical are individually created by Debby at her Faux Paw Productions, Inc.™ studio in Laguna Beach, CA and showcased in her eclectic, original art experience stores in both Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. Every item is uniquely crafted, hand drawn, painted, fired and finish glazed.

Debby owns and operates Faux Paw Productions Studio at 2179 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach where all of the Faux Paw original made in the USA ceramics are manufactured. Debby’s work is showcased in the Faux Paw Gallery, her namesake art gallery in the world renown art village of Laguna Beach. The gallery is located in the downtown Laguna Beach area at 540 S. Coast Highway, in Laguna Beach, just one block from the famous landmark Hotel Laguna.

Debby creates and licenses original art designs, grand scale graphic cartoons, paintings, stationary, textile, plush toys and gift accessories for Faux Paw Productions, which has grown into publishing under the Faux Paw Media Group imprint with the introduction of Debby’s new 6 books Bowzers and Meowzers™ brand of books:

Debby has also created an imaginative line of plush puppets and toys to compliment the books and serve as interactive, inspirational learning aids for the books, all written in rhythmically, melodic chime with value inspiring messages and life lessons.

Faux Paw currently has collaboration with Cinegroupe Canada, to produce an animated preschool cartoon series for broadcast television called Furfield Friends featuring the characters from the Gronk and Purrlonia books. Faux Paw has also created and produced it own original musical scores and lyrics for the series. The series emphasizes team play, engaging adventures, strong values and problem solving.

Debby’s newest book, “The Nutcracker Cats of the Kremlin” was introduced in Frankfurt with publishing rights currently being optioned. A full length feature movie made for television has been scripted and is in negotiations for productions. The story will be broadcast under the title “A Christmas Tail,” and humorously weaves the twisted story of good intention, deception, power and greed and a wild assortment of memorable new characters.

Distinctive art, imaginative one of a kind creations, dazzling and vibrant colors, value inspiring stories written in rhyming verse, a seemingly endless repertoire of new characters are all part of the world of Debby Carman. Debby believes in her “characters and art with heart because everybody smiles in the same language”.

Debby was married to Day Carman, lawyer and life long Laguna Beach resident for the past 29 years until his recent passing. Nita Carman Park in Laguna Beach is named after Day’s mother and Debby and Day donated the well known art sculptures that are enshrined in the park to the city.

Debby lives In a tiny house by the sparkling sea with her dog Paddy Tickles and other assorted sources of inspiration. Her world is both real and imagined. She dreams of the future and holds on to beautiful memories of the past. Her art comes from the heart and invites you, the viewer, ‘to dream, to dream, but not to sleep’….