Faux Paw Productions is very proud to introduce two exciting new series of books with puppets, as well as an extended line of decorative, fun items!

The Bowzers and Meowzers series brings six delightful and unique characters, three dogs and three cats, who each have a story of a life lesson to share.  Written in rhyme, and beautifully illustrated, these stories will delight children, and the child in all of us.

In the series The Adventures of Bart the Cat, Bart shares the simple day to day life experiences that are common for pets, and that are amazingly similar to the experiences of young children. This loveable and engaging cat makes it all seem like an adventure!

Faux Paws puppets are beautifully crafted, soft and huggable!  Full body puppets, with “meow” or ‘bark” sound chips, provide a wonderful opportunity to share and engage with children for a fun “edutainment” reading and play time.